Yes: Definition, Meaning, Examples

Yes Definition

“Yes” means agreeing or saying that something is true. It’s the opposite of “no.” It’s like nodding your head to show you agree or saying “okay.”

Yes Meaning

“Yes” is a simple and affirmative response or word used to agree with something, confirm a statement, express approval, or indicate a positive answer. It is the opposite of “no” and is often used to show consent, agreement, or a positive acknowledgment of a question, request, or situation.


  1. Agreement: “Do you want some ice cream?” – “Yes, please!”
  2. Confirmation: “Is your name Emily?” – “Yes, that’s right.”
  3. Approval: “Can I go to the party?” – “Yes, you can.”
  4. Permission: “May I borrow your pen?” – “Yes, of course.”
  5. Response: “Did you finish your homework?” – “Yes, I’m all done.”
  6. Assent: “Do you agree with this plan?” – “Yes, I think it’s a good idea.”
  7. Acknowledgment: “Did you receive the package?” – “Yes, it arrived this morning.”
  8. Encouragement: “Can I try again?” – “Yes, keep practicing!”
  9. Enthusiasm: “Are you excited about the trip?” – “Yes, I can’t wait!”
  10. Answer: “Is this the right way to the park?” – “Yes, you’re heading in the right direction.”

In these examples, “yes” is used to respond positively, agree, confirm, or give approval to different situations and questions.

Usage Of yes In Sentences

  1. “Will you be coming to the party tonight?”
    • “Yes, I’ll definitely be there.”
  2. “Did you enjoy the movie last night?”
    • “Yes, it was really entertaining.”
  3. “Can I have a slice of cake?”
    • “Yes, help yourself to a piece.”
  4. “Is it okay if I borrow your pen?”
    • “Yes, go ahead and use it.”
  5. “Are you ready to start the game?”
    • “Yes, let’s get started!”
  6. “Did you finish reading the book?”
    • “Yes, I completed it yesterday.”
  7. “Would you like some more coffee?”
    • “Yes, please, I could use another cup.”
  8. “Have you met our new neighbors?”
    • “Yes, I introduced myself yesterday.”
  9. “Is this your first time visiting this museum?”
    • “Yes, I’ve never been here before.”
  10. “Did you find the information you were looking for?”
    • “Yes, I found everything I needed.”

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