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Swat Definition

“SWAT” means a special team of police that deals with very dangerous situations, like rescuing hostages or stopping criminals who are armed. They are trained to use special weapons and tactics to handle these tough and risky situations.

Swat Meaning

“SWAT” stands for “Special Weapons And Tactics.” It refers to a specialized law enforcement unit that is trained and equipped to handle high-risk and dangerous situations that are beyond the capabilities of regular police officers.

SWAT teams are often called in to handle hostage rescues, armed standoffs, terrorist incidents, and other critical scenarios. They receive specialized training in weapons, tactics, and strategies to handle these complex and potentially life-threatening situations.


  1. The SWAT team was called in to handle a hostage situation at the bank.
  2. During the standoff, the police decided to deploy the SWAT unit to ensure a safe resolution.
  3. The city’s SWAT team is highly trained to handle emergencies like armed robberies and terrorist threats.
  4. The SWAT officers carefully planned their approach before entering the building to apprehend the suspect.
  5. The police used the SWAT team to execute a raid on a suspected drug trafficking operation.
  6. The SWAT unit underwent intense training in marksmanship and tactical maneuvers.
  7. The mayor commended the SWAT team for their quick response in resolving a dangerous situation.
  8. The SWAT officers are equipped with specialized gear to protect themselves and others during high-risk operations.
  9. The news reported that the SWAT team successfully rescued the hostages without any casualties.
  10. The presence of the SWAT team helped maintain order during a large protest that turned violent.

In these sentences, “SWAT” is used to refer to the specialized police unit that handles high-risk situations and emergencies.

Usage In English Sentences

  1. The local police called in the SWAT team to handle the armed robbery at the convenience store.
  2. During the standoff, the SWAT officers maintained a careful watch on the building from a safe distance.
  3. The SWAT team’s expertise in handling dangerous situations was evident during the hostage rescue operation.
  4. The city’s police department recently invested in advanced training and equipment for their SWAT unit.
  5. The SWAT team’s quick response prevented a potential tragedy during the hostage crisis.
  6. The mayor praised the professionalism and dedication of the SWAT officers in ensuring public safety.
  7. The SWAT team was dispatched to the scene of the bank heist to assess the situation.
  8. The SWAT officers demonstrated their tactical skills by successfully apprehending a heavily armed suspect.
  9. The news reported that the SWAT team was involved in a successful drug bust, seizing a significant amount of illegal substances.
  10. The presence of the SWAT unit at the protest helped maintain order and prevent violence from escalating.

In these sentences, “SWAT” is used to describe the specialized police team trained to handle high-risk and critical situations.


  1. Tactical team
  2. Special response unit
  3. Special operations group
  4. Emergency response team
  5. Rapid response unit
  6. Crisis intervention team
  7. Tactical response unit
  8. High-risk unit
  9. Anti-terrorist squad
  10. Special enforcement team

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