“Sri Varaha Kavacham” is a sacred hymn from Hindu scriptures that is dedicated to Lord Varaha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a boar. This hymn is recited to seek protection, blessings, and divine grace from Lord Varaha. It is believed that chanting or listening to the Sri Varaha Kavacham can help remove obstacles, ensure safety, and bring overall well-being.

Meaning and Significance:

  • “Sri Varaha Kavacham” in Sanskrit: श्री वराह कवचं
  • Translation: “Sri” is a respectful term used before divine names. “Varaha” refers to the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. “Kavacham” means armor or shield.


The Sri Varaha Kavacham is composed in the form of a protective shield or armor. It is written as a series of verses that describe the divine qualities, attributes, and forms of Lord Varaha. The hymn is a poetic offering of praise, devotion, and supplication to Lord Varaha.

The Kavacham is often chanted or recited as part of daily prayers or on specific occasions dedicated to Lord Varaha, such as Varaha Jayanti (the appearance day of Lord Varaha). It is believed that by reciting this hymn, devotees can invoke Lord Varaha’s divine presence, seek his blessings, and receive his protection.

Devotional Practice:

Devotees who recite the Sri Varaha Kavacham usually do so with reverence and devotion. It’s common to recite the hymn in the morning or during evening prayers. Some devotees also recite it as a regular practice or on important occasions when seeking divine guidance and protection.


Chanting or listening to the Sri Varaha Kavacham is believed to offer several benefits:

  1. Protection: The hymn is considered a shield of divine protection that guards against negative energies, obstacles, and adversities.
  2. Removal of Obstacles: Devotees believe that reciting the Kavacham can help remove obstacles and challenges from one’s path.
  3. Blessings of Lord Varaha: By invoking Lord Varaha’s blessings, devotees seek his grace and divine intervention in their lives.
  4. Spiritual Connection: Chanting the hymn helps foster a deeper spiritual connection with Lord Varaha and the divine realm.

Cultural Significance:

Lord Varaha is revered as a protector and savior in Hinduism. His story of rescuing the Earth (personified as Goddess Bhudevi) from the depths of the cosmic ocean is an important narrative in Hindu mythology. The Sri Varaha Kavacham pays homage to his divine attributes and serves as a means of seeking his blessings.

In conclusion, “Sri Varaha Kavacham” is a sacred hymn dedicated to Lord Varaha, the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is recited for protection, blessings, and divine grace. This hymn is an expression of devotion and a means of seeking Lord Varaha’s presence and guidance in one’s life.

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