Spontaneous – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms and Example

What Is the Definition of Spontaneous?

Spontaneously” is an adverb that describes actions or events that occur without prior planning, preparation, or deliberate thought. When something happens spontaneously, it is often driven by the moment and a sense of natural impulse.

This term is derived from the adjective “spontaneous,” which originates from the Late Latin root “spontaneous,” meaning “willing” or “of one’s free will.” Here are the definitions of “spontaneously”:

  1. Adverb in a spontaneous manner:

Example: “When the children heard the music, they began to dance spontaneously in the park.”

2. Adverb without advance preparation: Synonyms: ad lib, ad libitum, impromptu Example: “She delivered an impressive speech spontaneously, without any notes or prior rehearsal.”

10 Examples of Spontaneous in a Sentence

1.A couple deciding to get married on a whim.

2. A group of friends decides to go on a road trip without any planning.

3. A child giving a stranger a hug.

4. A musician writing a song in a single sitting.

5. A poet composing a poem in the moment.

6. A painter creating a masterpiece without any sketches or plans.

7. A dancer improvising a routine.

8. An actor ad-libbing their lines.

9. A comedian telling a joke without rehearsing it.

10. A scientist making a breakthrough discovery.

11. A businessperson coming up with a new idea.

12. A politician giving a passionate speech.

13. A volunteer helping someone in need.

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Spontaneous Synonym

  • Unplanned
  • Casual
  • Instinctive

Spontaneous Antonym

  • Planned
  • Premeditated
  • Deliberate

How to pronounce spontaneous:

/spɒnˈteɪniəs/ or /spɑnˈteɪniəs/

Here’s a phonetic breakdown to help you:

  • sp” sounds like the “sp” in “space.”
  • on” sounds like the “on” in “gone.”
  • “t” sounds like the “t” in “top.”
  • “ea” sounds like the “ay” in “day.”
  • “i” sounds like the “ee” in “see.”
  • “ou” sounds like the “ou” in “out.”
  • “s” sounds like the “s” in “sit.”
  • The final “s” sounds like the “s” in “sit.”

When spoken together, it would sound like “spɒnˈteɪniəs” or “spɑnˈteɪniəs.”

How to Use Spontaneous in a Sentence?

  1. Jenny’s spontaneous decision to join the hiking trip led to an unforgettable adventure in the mountains.
  2. As the sun set over the beach, a spontaneous round of applause erupted from the crowd, celebrating the beauty of the moment.
  3. His spontaneous laughter echoed through the room as he listened to the comedian’s witty jokes.
  4. The children’s spontaneous dance performance at the family gathering brought smiles to everyone’s faces.
  5. Sarah’s spontaneous offer to help her neighbor with gardening showed her kind and helpful nature.
  6. The couple’s spontaneous road trip allowed them to explore new places and create cherished memories together.
  7. The musician’s fingers moved spontaneously across the piano keys, creating a beautiful melody that captivated the audience.
  8. We decided to have a spontaneous picnic in the park, grabbing sandwiches and snacks on our way.
  9. The artist’s brushstrokes flowed spontaneously onto the canvas, capturing the essence of her emotions.
  10. John’s spontaneous decision to propose to his girlfriend on the mountaintop took her by surprise and filled her with joy.

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