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Solace meaning:

“Solace” refers to comfort, relief, or consolation during times of distress, sadness, or difficulty. It’s a feeling of finding comfort, ease, or support that brings a sense of relief from emotional pain or stress. Solace can come from various sources, such as the presence of loved ones, a soothing environment, engaging in enjoyable activities, or simply finding moments of calm and peace. Offering solace to someone means providing them with emotional support and reassurance during challenging times.

Solace Definition

“Solace” is a noun in English that refers to comfort, consolation, or relief from emotional distress or suffering. It can also be used as a verb to describe the act of providing comfort or consolation to someone. Here’s the meaning of “solace” explained:

Solace (noun): Comfort, relief, or consolation in times of sorrow, distress, or sadness.

Solace (verb): To provide comfort, consolation, or relief to someone who is experiencing emotional pain or distress.

example for Solace

  1. In the midst of her grief, she found solace in the support of her friends and family.
  2. The beautiful scenery provided solace to his troubled mind, allowing him to find a sense of peace.
  3. Music has always been a source of solace for her during difficult times.
  4. He turned to nature as a way to solace himself after the loss of his pet.
  5. Her presence alone was enough to solace him when he was feeling down.


consolatione, consolationem, solatium, illustratio, cognition, manifestation


consolamini, solatium, lenire

Solace :: solatium

Solaced :: soletur:

Solaces :: solatia

Solacing :: solans

what does solace mean

Solace” is a noun in English that refers to comfort, consolation, or relief from emotional distress or suffering. It represents a source of relief or support that helps to ease feelings of sadness, grief, or hardship. When someone finds solace, it means they are finding comfort or solace is being provided to them in a difficult situation.

How To Pronounce Solace

The word “solace” is pronounced as:


Here’s a phonetic breakdown to help you:

  • “s” sounds like the “s” in “sit.”
  • “o” sounds like the “o” in “pot.”
  • “l” sounds like the “l” in “love.”
  • “a” sounds like the “a” in “cat.”
  • “ce” sounds like the “s” in “space.”

Solace In A Sentence

  1. After the loss of his beloved pet, he found solace in taking long walks through the serene countryside.
  2. The heartfelt messages from friends and family offered her solace during the challenging times of her illness.
  3. Amid the chaos of the city, the park’s tranquility provided a sense of solace to those seeking a moment of peace.
  4. The soothing melodies of the piano provided solace to the grieving family during the memorial service.
  5. The old bookstore became a place of solace for her, where she could escape into the world of books and forget her worries.
  6. Writing in her journal became a way for her to find solace and express her thoughts and emotions.
  7. The kind words of the stranger on the train unexpectedly brought solace to his troubled mind.
  8. In times of uncertainty, the wisdom of her grandmother’s advice served as a source of solace and guidance.
  9. The art therapy sessions offered a form of solace to the survivors of the natural disaster, allowing them to express their emotions.
  10. The gentle rain tapping on the window provided solace to her restless mind as she reflected on life’s challenges.

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