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Resurrection Definition

“Resurrection” means coming back to life after being dead. It’s also used to talk about bringing back something that was gone or lost, like new life, to an old idea or hope. In religion, it’s the idea of rising from the dead, like Jesus in Christianity.

Resurrection Meaning

“Resurrection” refers to the act of coming back to life after death or a period of being deceased. It is often associated with religious and spiritual beliefs, particularly in Christianity, where it refers to the belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

In a broader sense, “resurrection” can also be used metaphorically to describe a revival, renewal, or reawakening of something that was previously considered dead or inactive.


  1. Religious Context:
    • In Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a central belief, symbolizing victory over death and offering hope of eternal life.
    • The story of Lazarus in the Bible recounts his resurrection by Jesus after being dead for four days.
  2. Metaphorical Usage:
    • The city’s once-declining economy experienced a resurrection with new businesses opening and revitalizing industries.
    • The old theater underwent a resurrection when it was renovated and reopened, attracting a new audience.
  3. Natural Phenomenon:
    • During springtime, plants and flowers experience a sort of resurrection as they come back to life and bloom after the winter dormancy.
    • Some animals, like certain amphibians, can enter a state of suspended animation and appear to “resurrect” after being frozen.
  4. Literary and Mythological Examples:
    • The phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to burst into flames and be consumed by fire upon death, only to be born again from its ashes—a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.
    • In literature, characters like Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster are sometimes depicted as being brought back to life, showing themes of resurrection.
  5. Symbolic Significance:
    • The sunrise can be seen as a daily resurrection of the day after the darkness of night.
    • After facing hardships and setbacks, she found the strength to rebuild her life, seeing it as a personal resurrection.

These examples demonstrate different contexts in which the concept of “resurrection” is used, ranging from religious beliefs to symbolic meanings and broader interpretations of renewal and revival.

Usages In Sentences

  1. Religious Context:
    • Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday as a fundamental event in their faith.
    • The story of Osiris in ancient Egyptian mythology includes a theme of resurrection and renewal.
  2. Revival and Renewal:
    • The historic building underwent a resurrection as it was carefully restored to its former glory.
    • The artist’s new album marked a resurrection of his career, drawing in a whole new generation of fans.
  3. Natural Phenomenon:
    • With the arrival of spring, the barren trees and plants experienced a resurrection as they began to bloom and flourish.
    • The desert landscape may seem lifeless, but after a rainstorm, there’s a temporary resurrection of plants that come to life.
  4. Metaphorical Usage:
    • The team’s dramatic comeback in the final quarter felt like a resurrection, turning the game around.
    • The neglected garden was transformed into a vibrant space, a true resurrection of beauty in the midst of urban surroundings.
  5. Symbolic Significance:
    • The myth of the phoenix emphasizes the idea of resurrection and rebirth as it rises from its own ashes.
    • After years of decline, the small town experienced a resurrection of community spirit with the success of local initiatives.
  6. Historical and Literary Context:
    • The Renaissance was a period of cultural resurrection characterized by a revival of art, literature, and learning.
    • In the novel, the scientist’s experiment led to the unexpected resurrection of a creature that challenged ethical boundaries.

These sentences provide a range of contexts in which the term “resurrection” is used to convey different meanings, from religious beliefs and revival to symbolic interpretations and historical references.

Synonyms And Antonyms

Rising again
Reincarnation (in some contexts)
Eternal rest


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