Overwhelm Definition & Meaning With Example

Definitions of overwhelm

The term “overwhelm” in English can be used as both a verb and a noun. Here are the definitions for both:

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As a verb:

  1. To Bury or Submerge: “Overwhelm” can mean to bury or submerge something completely, often with a large quantity or force. For example, “The city was overwhelmed by heavy rainfall, causing severe flooding.”
  2. To Defeat or Conquer: It can also refer to overpowering or defeating someone or something by using superior strength, numbers, or intensity. For example, “The army was overwhelmed by the enemy’s relentless attack.”
  3. To Be Overcome Emotionally: In an emotional context, “overwhelm” means to be deeply affected or overpowered by intense feelings or emotions. For example, “She was overwhelmed with joy when she received the good news.”
  4. To Be Burdened with Excessive Tasks: “Overwhelm” can describe the feeling of being burdened or swamped by a large number of tasks or responsibilities. For example, “He felt overwhelmed by the amount of work he had to do.”

As a noun:

  1. A Feeling of Being Overpowered: “Overwhelm” as a noun refers to the state of feeling overpowered or inundated by various factors, leading to a sense of being unable to cope. For example, “She experienced a sense of overwhelm due to the challenges she was facing.”
  2. A Defeating Force: In a military context, “overwhelm” as a noun can refer to a force or tactic that leads to the defeat of the opposing side. For example, “The surprise attack was an overwhelm that caught the enemy off guard.”

Synonyms of “overwhelm” in English:

Bury: To bury something completely, often with a large amount of something else.

Engulf: To completely surround or cover something, often with a forceful or overwhelming nature.

Submerge: To immerse or sink something completely under a liquid or substance.

Conquer: To defeat or overcome someone or something by using superior strength or strategy.

Defeat: To beat or overcome an opponent in a competition or conflict.

Overpower: To gain control or dominance over someone or something, often through superior force.

Crush: To suppress or overwhelm someone or something with immense force or pressure.

Suffocate: To deprive someone or something of air or space, leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Swamp: To inundate or flood with an excessive amount of something, making it difficult to manage.

Inundate: To flood or overwhelm with a large amount of something, such as information or requests.

Drown: To cover or submerge something completely, as if in water, leading to a sense of being overwhelmed.

Overshadow: To dominate or cast a shadow over someone or something, making them feel insignificant or overpowered.

Example Sentences overwhelm

  1. The sudden news of her promotion overwhelmed Sarah with joy and excitement.
  2. The massive wave overwhelmed the coastal town, causing widespread destruction.
  3. The amount of work piled up on his desk was enough to overwhelm even the most organized person.
  4. The emotional tribute at the memorial service overwhelmed the family with grief.
  5. The young actor’s talent and charisma overwhelmed the audience, leaving them in awe.
  6. The team’s relentless offense overwhelmed their opponents, leading to a decisive victory.
  7. The sheer number of applicants for the job overwhelmed the hiring manager, making the selection process challenging.
  8. The beauty of the natural landscape overwhelmed the tourists, who couldn’t believe their eyes.
  9. The tragic events of the day were enough to overwhelm anyone’s emotions, leaving the community in sorrow.
  10. As a new parent, the responsibility of caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, but the love and joy make it all worthwhile.

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