Mason: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Mason Definition

A “mason” is someone who is really good at building things with materials like stones and bricks. They use special tools to make sure everything is put together well and looks nice. They can build walls, buildings, and other important parts of structures. Sometimes, “mason” can also mean a person who is part of a special group with its own traditions and symbols called the Freemasons.

Mason Meaning

The word “mason” typically refers to a skilled worker who specializes in working with stone, brick, or other types of building materials to construct structures like walls, buildings, and other architectural elements. Masons are responsible for laying the materials in a precise and sturdy manner, using tools like trowels, levels, and hammers to create well-built and aesthetically pleasing constructions.

The term can also refer to a member of a historical fraternal organization known as the Freemasons, which has its own symbolic significance and rituals.


  1. Construction: The skilled mason carefully placed each brick in the wall, making sure they fit perfectly together.
  2. Building Restoration: The historic cathedral was in need of repair, so a team of masons was hired to restore its stone facade to its former glory.
  3. Freemasons: John’s grandfather was a dedicated Freemason, and he proudly wore the Masonic symbol on his ring.
  4. Brickwork: The mason used his trowel to spread mortar between the bricks, creating a strong and durable foundation for the building.
  5. Stone Sculpture: The artist chiseled away at the block of marble, transforming it into a beautiful statue under the skilled hands of a master mason.
  6. Architecture: The Gothic architecture of the cathedral showcased the incredible talent of the masons who intricately carved the intricate details into the stone.
  7. Historical Structures: The ancient castle’s walls were a testament to the expertise of the masons who built them centuries ago.
  8. Modern Construction: In modern times, masons continue to be essential for constructing everything from houses to office buildings.
  9. Craftsmanship: The mason’s attention to detail was evident in the carefully aligned rows of bricks that formed the foundation of the new library.
  10. Skilled Trade: Becoming a mason requires years of training to master the techniques and tools used in the trade.

Synonyms And Antonyms

Synonyms (words with similar meanings):

Synonyms for “mason” that capture the idea of working with building materials and construction include:

  1. Builder
  2. Craftsman
  3. Artisan
  4. Stonemason
  5. Bricklayer
  6. Construction worker
  7. Masonry worker
  8. Architect
  9. Contractor
  10. Sculptor (when referring to stone carving)

Antonyms (words with opposite meanings):

Since “mason” refers to someone who constructs buildings and works with materials like stone and brick, antonyms might include terms related to different professions or concepts:

  1. Painter (someone who applies paint to surfaces)
  2. Writer (someone who creates written content)
  3. Musician (someone who plays musical instruments)
  4. Chef (someone who cooks and prepares food)
  5. Actor (someone who performs in plays or movies)
  6. Doctor (someone who practices medicine)
  7. Athlete (someone who engages in sports and physical activities)
  8. Teacher (someone who educates and imparts knowledge)

Mason: Usage In Sentences

  1. The skilled mason carefully placed each brick, creating a sturdy and beautiful wall.
  2. The ancient temple was built by talented masons who carved intricate designs into the stone columns.
  3. Jake’s dream was to become a master mason and work on restoring historical buildings.
  4. The mason used a chisel and hammer to shape the stone into a finely detailed sculpture.
  5. The new cathedral was a testament to modern technology while still honoring the craftsmanship of old-world masons.
  6. After years of apprenticeship, Maria became a skilled mason capable of creating stunning stone structures.
  7. The masons were hard at work, laying the foundation for the new office building downtown.
  8. The town’s historical square showcased the expertise of the masons who had built its iconic clock tower.
  9. The mason carefully mixed the mortar to ensure it had the right consistency for the brickwork.
  10. In ancient times, masons were highly respected for their ability to create lasting architectural wonders.

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