Kiosk: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Pronunciation

Kiosk Definition

A “kiosk” is a small booth or stand where you can buy things, get information, or use services. You might find them in malls, airports, or even on the street. They’re like mini-shops with a simple design for selling stuff or providing help, like buying tickets or getting food.

Kiosk Meaning I What is a Kiosk?

A “kiosk” is a small, usually temporary, standalone structure or booth that is often used for selling goods, providing information, or offering services. Kiosks can be found in various locations such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, parks, and on the streets.

They typically have a simple design and are equipped with shelves, counters, or screens for displaying products, brochures, or interactive touchscreens for information or transactions.

Kiosks are commonly used for activities like selling snacks, newspapers, and tickets, or even providing self-service options like check-in at airports or ordering food at fast-food restaurants.


  1. At the shopping mall, there’s a coffee kiosk where you can grab a quick drink.
  2. The information kiosk in the park helped us find the best trail for hiking.
  3. The airport has self-check-in kiosks that make getting your boarding pass faster.
  4. The outdoor festival had a kiosk selling handmade crafts and jewelry.
  5. I used the touchscreen kiosk at the library to borrow a book without needing a librarian’s help.
  6. The kiosk near the beach rents out umbrellas and chairs for a relaxing day by the water.
  7. The mobile phone kiosk in the electronics store offers a variety of accessories and gadgets.
  8. Many fast-food restaurants now have kiosks where you can place your order and pay without waiting in line.
  9. The city center has a kiosk where you can buy tickets for local tours and attractions.
  10. The news kiosk on the street corner sells newspapers, magazines, and snacks for commuters.

Kiosk: Usage In Sentences

  1. I stopped by the beachside kiosk to buy some ice cream and enjoy the view.
  2. The information kiosk in the museum helped me navigate through the exhibits.
  3. Sarah used the ticket kiosk at the train station to buy her travel pass.
  4. The shopping mall has a kiosk where you can customize and order personalized phone cases.
  5. The farmers’ market had a fresh produce kiosk with a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Instead of waiting in line, I used the self-checkout kiosk at the grocery store to scan and pay for my items.
  7. The technology conference had a virtual reality kiosk where attendees could experience new advancements.
  8. The park’s kiosk rented out bicycles for visitors to explore the scenic trails.
  9. The city set up a COVID-19 testing kiosk in the central square to provide easy access to tests.
  10. The travel agency’s kiosk displayed brochures of exotic destinations and offered travel advice.


The word “kiosk” is typically pronounced as “kee-ahsk.” The “k” is pronounced like the letter “k,” and the “ee” sounds like the “ee” in “tree.” The “ahsk” part rhymes with the word “ask.” So, when you say it all together, it sounds like “kee-ahsk.”

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