Download Definition & Meaning with Example

Download, in simple language, means to transfer a file or data from one computer to another through the internet or a network. It is the process of copying data from a central server to a user’s device, such as a computer or a phone.

Downloading allows users to keep files, documents, or apps on their devices permanently for later use. It is a common activity when accessing websites, using apps, or getting media like music and videos. Download speed refers to how fast data can be transferred to the user’s device.

Download Meaning


  1. The download of the e-book was quick, allowing me to read it offline.
  2. He clicked the download button and waited eagerly for the game to be installed on his phone.
  3. The website offers free music downloads for its users to enjoy offline listening.
  4. The download of the software update was interrupted due to a poor internet connection.
  5. The movie download was completed just in time for the family to enjoy a movie night together.



  1. She decided to download the new app to try out its features on her smartphone.
  2. The students were asked to download the presentation slides before the lecture.
  3. He used a reliable website to download the latest album from his favorite artist.
  4. The company’s website allows users to download product brochures for free.
  5. Before going on the trip, he made sure to download offline maps to use during his travels.

Example Sentences for download:-

  1. I need to download the latest software update for my computer to improve its performance.
  2. The movie is not available for streaming yet, but you can download it to watch offline.
  3. She downloaded a recipe app to get new ideas for cooking.
  4. The website offers a free eBook that you can download and read on your e-reader.
  5. Before going on a long flight, he made sure to download some movies to keep himself entertained.
  6. He downloaded the game on his phone and spent hours playing it.
  7. The music album was so popular that it crashed the website’s servers with the number of downloads.
  8. The software is too large to download on my slow internet connection.
  9. The photo gallery was too big to send via email, so she asked her friend to download it from a cloud storage service.
  10. The company provides a downloadable PDF guide that explains how to use their product effectively.

Synonyms for “Download”

  • Transfer
  • Save
  • Retrieve
  • Fetch
  • Get
  • Acquire
  • Obtain
  • Import
  • Copy
  • Pull

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