Diagnosis: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Usage In Sentences

diagnosis Definition

“Diagnosis” means finding out what’s making someone sick. Doctors use tests and check-ups to figure out the problem, so they can give the right treatment.

Meaning Of Diagnosis

“Diagnosis” is a term used in medicine to describe the process of identifying or figuring out what is causing a person’s health problem or condition.

Doctors and medical professionals use various methods like tests, examinations, and observations to understand what’s wrong with a patient. Once a diagnosis is made, it helps guide the treatment and care the person needs to get better.


  1. After running several tests, the doctor was able to provide a clear diagnosis: Sarah had a sinus infection.
  2. The early diagnosis of diabetes allowed for timely treatment and management of the condition.
  3. The veterinarian’s diagnosis indicated that the dog’s lethargy was due to a minor stomach issue.
  4. The accurate diagnosis of the rare genetic disorder required specialized genetic testing.
  5. With the proper diagnosis of the broken bone, the orthopedic surgeon could recommend the right treatment.
  6. The dermatologist’s diagnosis revealed that the persistent rash was an allergic reaction to a specific skincare product.
  7. Timely diagnosis of cancer allowed the patient to begin treatment before the disease progressed.
  8. The child’s behavioral changes raised concerns, leading to a thorough diagnosis of ADHD.
  9. The doctor’s diagnosis of the flu prompted the patient to rest, stay hydrated, and take prescribed medication.
  10. The accurate diagnosis of the patient’s heart condition led to a successful surgical intervention.

These examples show different situations where “diagnosis” is used in the context of medical assessments and identifying health issues.

Diagnosis: Usage In Sentences

  1. The doctor’s diagnosis revealed that Jane had a common cold, and she was advised to rest and drink fluids.
  2. The early diagnosis of the tumor allowed for prompt treatment and an improved prognosis.
  3. After a thorough examination, the veterinarian provided a diagnosis of an ear infection in the dog.
  4. The accurate diagnosis of the mysterious symptoms put the patient’s mind at ease, knowing the cause of their discomfort.
  5. The specialist’s diagnosis indicated that the chronic fatigue was linked to an underlying autoimmune disorder.
  6. The complex case required multiple medical tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the rare genetic condition.
  7. With the diagnosis of a broken bone, the orthopedic surgeon explained the treatment options to the patient.
  8. The swift diagnosis of meningitis in the child led to immediate hospitalization for appropriate care.
  9. The accurate diagnosis of the patient’s heart rhythm disorder guided the cardiologist in recommending the right medication.
  10. The oncologist’s skillful diagnosis allowed the cancer patient to begin a tailored treatment plan without delay.

These sentences showcase various scenarios where “diagnosis” is used to describe the identification and understanding of medical conditions or problems.

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