Cosmopolitan: Meaning, Definition, Examples

Cosmopolitan Definition

“Cosmopolitan” means being open to many different cultures and ideas from around the world. It’s also used to describe someone who is well-traveled and knows a lot about different places. It can also refer to a type of cocktail.

Cosmopolitan Meaning

  1. Adjective – Global or Universal:
    • When used as an adjective, “cosmopolitan” describes something that is worldly, global, or inclusive of various cultures and influences from around the world. It suggests a broad and diverse perspective that is not limited to a specific region or culture.
    • Example: The city’s art scene is cosmopolitan, featuring works from artists of different nationalities and styles.
  2. Noun – A Person:
    • As a noun, “cosmopolitan” refers to a person who is sophisticated, well-traveled, and knowledgeable about different cultures. A cosmopolitan individual is often open-minded and embraces diversity.
    • Example: She’s a true cosmopolitan; having lived in multiple countries, she speaks several languages fluently.
  3. Cocktail:
    • In the context of beverages, a “cosmopolitan” is also a popular cocktail made with vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and lime juice.


  1. Global or Universal:
    • The cosmopolitan city welcomed people from all corners of the world, making it a melting pot of cultures.
    • The art gallery featured a cosmopolitan collection of paintings, sculptures, and photographs that represented artists from various countries.
  2. Person with Broad Perspective:
    • Sarah’s extensive travels and interactions with people from different cultures had shaped her into a cosmopolitan individual.
    • John’s ability to converse fluently in multiple languages reflected his cosmopolitan upbringing and international experiences.
  3. Cocktail:
    • At the bar, she ordered a cosmopolitan cocktail, enjoying the tangy combination of flavors as she sipped it.
    • The bartender’s skillful preparation of the cosmopolitan made it a favorite choice among patrons looking for a refreshing drink.
  4. Cosmopolitan Lifestyle:
    • Living in a cosmopolitan city like New York, Jane had the chance to attend events celebrating a wide range of cultures and traditions.
    • His decision to move to a cosmopolitan area was driven by his desire to experience diverse cuisines and meet people from different walks of life.
  5. Media and Culture:
    • The cosmopolitan nature of the fashion magazine’s content catered to readers with an interest in international trends and styles.


  1. Global
  2. International
  3. Worldly
  4. Multicultural
  5. Diverse
  6. Inclusive
  7. Universal
  8. Eclectic
  9. Broad-minded
  10. Sophisticated
  11. Open-minded
  12. Well-traveled
  13. Culturally aware


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