Continue: Meaning, Definition, Synonym

Continue Definition

“Continue” means to keep doing something without stopping or to start again from where you left off. It’s like moving forward in a game without pressing pause or picking up a book where you left off reading.

Continue Meaning

“Continue” typically means to proceed or carry on with an activity, process, or conversation from where it was left off. It implies moving forward without interruption or starting from a specific point in order to maintain the progression of something. If you have a specific context in mind, feel free to provide more details so I can offer more relevant information.

Continue Synonym

A synonym for “continue” is “proceed.” It means to keep going or carry on with an activity or process. Another synonym could be “persist,” which also implies not stopping and maintaining the same course.

Usage In Sentences: Continue

  1. Despite the rain, the soccer players decided to continue their match.
  2. The teacher asked the students to continue working on their assignments after the break.
  3. The construction work will continue throughout the weekend to finish the project on time.
  4. She paused to catch her breath and then decided to continue running.
  5. The negotiations between the two companies will continue until an agreement is reached.

Carry On Means

“Carry on” means to keep doing something or to continue with an activity or task without stopping. It’s like when you don’t give up, and you keep going with what you were doing. For example, if you’re working on a puzzle and you don’t stop even when it’s a bit difficult, you’re carrying on.

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