List of Colleges in Canada with No Application Fees

Canada is a fantastic place to study abroad, with top-notch schools and great education. While Canadian universities are generally affordable, many charge application fees, typically between 50 and 250 CAD. It’s good to know that only a small number (less than 5%) of universities and colleges in Canada don’t require an application fee. This means you can save a lot of money when applying to multiple schools and Universities.

There are only a few expenses in an international student’s budget where there is scope for cost reduction. One of these is colleges in Canada with no application fee for international students. We have provided a list of colleges in Canada with no application fee, details of rankings, and popular courses.

List of Colleges with No Application Fees in Canada

Colleges in Canada offer a wide range of educational opportunities, including bachelor’s degrees, certificate programs, diploma programs, graduate certificate programs, joint degree programs, co-op programs, and apprenticeship programs. Some of the most sought-after fields of study in Canada are business and finance, engineering, computer science and information technology, health and medicine, as well as journalism. With their diverse offerings and high-quality education, Canadian colleges provide students with numerous pathways to pursue their academic and career goals.

Wondering how to find colleges with no application fees in Canada that offer popular programs? We have prepared a table of Canada colleges with no application fee and popular programs:

CollegePopular Programs
Centennial CollegeBachelor of Information Technology

Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management

Graduate Certificate in International Business

Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning

Diploma in Computer Systems Technician

Diploma in Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management

Centennial College offers various scholarships and awards to recognize academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, and student success. Here are some details about Centennial College scholarships:

  1. Competitive Scholarships: Centennial College provides competitive scholarships that often require a high grade point average (GPA) or higher.
  2. Numerous Opportunities: The college offers hundreds of scholarships, highlighting a range of options for students2. You can explore these opportunities on the Centennial College website.
  3. International Scholarships: Centennial College also offers scholarships to international students. These scholarships are typically based on merit
  4. Full Scholarship Listings: The college provides a listing of full scholarships available for the 2023-2024 academic year, some of which are valued at $10,000 or higher
  5. Application Process: To apply for these scholarships, you can refer to the official Centennial College website for detailed information on the application process1.

2.Tyndale University

Tyndale University
Master of Divinity

Master of Theological Studies

Master of Theology

Doctor of Ministry

3.Cambrian College

Cambrian College
Bachelors Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management

Diploma in Business

Advance Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

4.Northeastern University Toronto

Northeastern University Toronto
Master of Science in Project Management

Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs

Master of Science in Biotechnology

Master of Science in Information systems

Masters of Professional Studies in Analytics
Booth University College
Bachelor of Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration

Bachelor of Social Work
St. Clair College
Diploma in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant

Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician

Diploma in Business – AccountingGraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technician

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design

Advanced Diploma in Internet Applications and Web Development
University of Alberta
MEng in Engineering Management

Master of Business Administration

Master of Public Health

MS in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

Master of Fine Arts

BS in Agriculture

Application Process for Universities in Canada without Application Fees

Applying to universities in Canada without application fees can be a smart move for many reasons. Since we are going abroad we already have so many other expenses. So saving even a panny can help us. There are only a 5% universities in Canada that don’t charge application fees. The application fee might seem small for one university. When you apply to multiple universities the same costs can range from 250 to 1250 CAD.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to apply to Canadian universities that don’t charge application fees:

  1. Pick Your Universities: Start by choosing universities that have the programs you’re interested in.
  2. Get the Details: Go to the university’s official website. Look for information about who can apply, when to apply, and any important deadlines.
  3. Fill Out the Form: On the university’s website there’ll be an online application form. Fill it out. If you are choosing the university that doesn’t charge an application fee then you can skip the payment step. Some colleges have fees but they make give “fee waiver” so you can ask for it.
  4. Attach Your Papers: There’ll be some documents, like your school records, that you’ll need to add to your application. Make sure to upload everything they ask for.
  5. Look for Scholarships: Some universities offer scholarships. If they do have it then apply for them before the deadline.
  6. Wait and Watch: Keep an eye on your application’s status as you apply for the admission. The university might send updates or ask for more information.
  7. The Big News: If the university accepts you, they’ll send an “admission letter” to your email. Don’t forget to reply. Let them know if you’re accepting their offer before the deadline they give you.
  8. Secure Your Spot: Some universities might ask you to pay a small amount to confirm your place. This is usually applied to your tuition later.
  9. Get Ready to Study: After you’ve been accepted then the next step is getting your Canadian study permit. This lets you legally study in Canada.

Why You Should Apply to Universities in Canada Without Application Fees?

Choosing to apply to Canadian universities that waive application fees can be a savvy financial decision for several reasons. Studying abroad already comes with a variety of expenses, so every penny saved can make a significant difference. It’s worth noting that only around 5% of Canadian universities don’t charge application fees. While the fee for a single university might appear manageable, applying to multiple institutions can quickly add up, potentially costing you between 250 and 1250 CAD in application fees alone. By selecting universities that don’t require this fee, you can make the process more cost-effective and accessible, especially when considering multiple applications.

Since application fees are non-refundable so the money you’ve paid won’t be returned

So you can save more of your cash for your education by choosing universities in Canada with no application fees. It’s actually a smart financial move while planning your studies in Canada.


All the universities and colleges on this list waive application fees for international students in Canada. To apply to these institutions, you can simply copy the university’s name, paste it into Google, and check their current status regarding international student applications. This straightforward approach is a cost-effective way to explore the diverse educational opportunities available in Canada. Best of luck with your academic endeavors and your pursuit of a quality education in Canada!

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